COPLA Water Surface Oil Removal System. Japanese Patent No. 4261608

The name COPLA comes from the Spanish word for couplet or Stanza because of the rhythmic sounds coming from the water pump.

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* The COPLA system's most excellent feature is its ability to remove thick rainbow colored film of oil from the water surface without excess water.

COPLA-image * COPLA's Floating Vacuum Device with depth adjusting weights slurps up surface oil with very little surface water.

COPLA-image COPLA-image
* COPLA's Revolutionary SUMILAY Oil Filtering Device: Oil contaminated water passes through SUMILAY Charcoal Filter removing all oil.
Work Capacity 5t/h Oil contaminated water
Adsorption Capacity 20l. Oil

SUMILAY Filtering Device is reusable for up to 20 liters before changing the filter.

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